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Three Rules for Successful Global Personals Online Dating

In four continents around the world and with over 25 million customers, Global Personals helps people find new love every day. You have your choice of over 12,000 different dating sites to choose from, making it almost impossible not to find that one perfect companion. Although it isn’t an overnight solution, joining one or more of the many dating sites will help you on your way to living a life filled with fun and adventure. There are three rules that will help you on your journey in finding love.

Global PersonalsThe first of these is to be confident in yourself. Concentrate on your positive qualities and let the viewers of your profile know what they are. It is okay to admit you have flaws, but try not to dwell on them. If you are opposed to dating smokers or drinkers, mention this in your profile so others who contact you will not expect you to do or accept those things. Be positive in your Global Personals profile, even when you are mentioning habits you do not agree with. Your goal is to bring in upbeat responses and the best way to get them is to show uplifting behaviour yourself.

The second is to be honest with those you are contacting and who are contacting you. Avoid exaggerating your personal abilities and intelligence. Overstating your capabilities is dishonest and when the person you are attracted to finds out about it, they will not be happy. This is not a good way to begin a relationship. Always be honest so that the person who is responding to you will get the person they are expecting.

The third is to take steps to keep all of your private information safe and secure. This means that while Global Personals dating sites are doing what they can to make your information secure, you must do your part by not giving out too much too soon. Wait till you get to know someone before you tell them too much about yourself. For instance, you need to keep all passwords, credit card and phone numbers secure, along with address information. You do not want to open yourself up to a dangerous situation. Take precautions ahead of time so that you can keep yourself safe.

You can find love at one of the dating sites of Global Personals if you put in enough effort and make your profile positive and appealing. Be honest in what you tell the viewers of your site, so that when someone responds, they will be getting the person you really are, a person they are attracted to. Never give away too much information too soon, so that you can successfully find love and happiness without putting yourself into great danger.

Choosing a photo for your dating profile | Global Personals

Although you should choose all of your dating profile photos carefully, you should be particularly careful when it comes to selecting your main profile image, as this is the first one that other site members will see. In this article, we share a few tips on how to choose the perfect cover photo.

The most important thing is to make sure that you choose a photo where you are on your own; you don’t want other dating site members to be confused as to which person you are in a group photograph. If you really like a picture of yourself where you’re surrounded by other people, try to crop the image so that it only shows your face. In addition to this, make sure that the image you settle for is of a high quality; the resolution should be sharp and the lighting should be flattering. If you can’t find a decent picture in your photo albums, don’t take a ‘selfie’ as this can look a bit awkward. Instead, ask a friend or relative to take the photo for you.

Users of Global Personals services warn against using old photos; however good you might look in that photo which was taken five years ago, there’s no point using it, if your appearance has changed since then. Remember, if you end up going out on dates with people, they will immediately see that you don’t resemble your photo; this could lead to a very awkward conversation or worse yet, they might decide to end the date before it even begins. Uploading a photo which doesn’t accurately depict what you look like today is deceitful, and might spoil your chances of finding someone special.

Global PersonalsAlthough it’s perfectly fine to use a close-up headshot as your main profile photo, Global Personals clients point out that it might be better to choose an image that depicts some aspect of your personality. For instance, you could use a photograph in which you are sitting in your favourite cafe, or participating in a sport or activity that you love. This will provide other site members with a glimpse into your character, making it more likely that they will strike up a conversation. Be sure to add a caption to the photo as well; you might want to mention where you are, or why you love that particular place.

Signs that it’s time to become exclusive | Global Personals

It’s not always easy to tell whether it’s the right time to become exclusive with the person you’re dating. Whilst some view it as a natural progression, which they don’t need to think about, others find it a bit trickier to decide. Here, we share some signs which indicate that you and your partner should commit.

If you notice that you’re no longer really interested in other people, and have stopped actively seeking out dates, this is usually a sign that exclusivity with your current partner is a good idea. However, if you’re still regularly logging into your online dating profile to check for new matches, or looking forward to dates with other people, you’re probably not in the right place for a committed relationship.

Global PersonalsGlobal Personals members say that it’s important that you are both on the same page when it comes to being exclusive; it’s all well and good feeling that you are ready for this step, but the other person needs to feel ready too. Remember, if you have to convince your partner to be exclusive, then this usually means that they don’t want it as much as you do. Even if you manage to persuade them, going down this road, and committing to someone who doesn’t feel the same way, will ultimately lead to heartache.

Time is another factor when you’re considering becoming exclusive. Whilst of course, there is no limit on how long you can date a person without committing, most people find that they eventually either become exclusive, or break up after a few months. If you’ve been dating someone for five or six months, you might feel as though committing to that person is a natural transition. But, if you or the other person still don’t want to be exclusive after six or seven months, then it’s unlikely that you’re a good match for each other.

In regards to talking about this with the person you’re dating, Global Personals clients advise you to be clear and honest. You might be tempted to test the waters and ask them, for example, what they’ll be doing next year, and see if they include you in their plans, but this type of approach is pointless. If you want to commit, you need to be brave and ask them straight out if they feel the same way.

Common dating profile mistakes | Global Personals

Global PersonalsCreating the perfect online dating profile can make it considerably easier to meet people that you click with, and find a partner. Whilst a lot of dating advice discusses what information you should include in your profile, it’s just as important to know what you shouldn’t include!

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid coming across as demanding or idealist; specifying who your perfect man or woman is – right down to their hair and eye colour – could deter potentially compatible partners, as they might feel that they cannot meet your strict criteria. Although it’s perfectly fine to say that you prefer someone who is intelligent and funny, going any further than this is not advisable. Those who use Global Personals services say that the key is to be open-minded, but know what your core values are; this will ensure that you don’t scare off other site members with your demands.

Clichés should also be avoided; if you really do enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach, try to find a different way to express this. Another frequently overused phrase on dating sites is ‘I’m equally happy staying in with a bottle of wine and a DVD, as I am going on a night out with friends’. Whilst this might be true, the fact is that most people feel the same way, and therefore, this statement tells other site members very little about your actual personality. If you want to describe this, try to mention your favourite films, or the type of places you like to go when socialising.

Extreme opinions, of any form, should not appear in your profile. Perhaps you have an irrational dislike of those that listen to a certain kind of music, or wear specific types of clothing. However, being extremely judgemental or negative in your profile is not a good idea. Although almost everyone has some pet hates, there really is no reason to list these in your online dating profile. These statements will only serve to put off other site members.

Lastly, try not to ramble; Global Personals members point out that you shouldn’t be sharing your life story in your profile. Any mention of your last breakup, or your career or family problems should not be avoided, and of course, you should never discuss the specifics of where you live or work. If you find someone that you like, you can always open up to them about your personal life during your dates.

Tips to help couples get out of a romantic rut | Global Personals

Those first few months of dating someone new are always fun; the rush of emotions and the thrill you get from seeing them can be overwhelming. However, after a while, that ‘spark’ tends to fade. Whilst this is perfectly normal, it can be a bit worrying if you haven’t been spending as much quality time together as you used to. The good news is that scheduling a ‘date night’ once a week, or even once a fortnight, can help to reintroduce that spark you experienced when you first started seeing each other. Here, we offer some fun options for these dates.

Global PersonalsThere’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit meal; although this is a bit unoriginal, it’s a tried-and-trusted option which is guaranteed to be fun. If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, Global Personals clients advise you to cook up your partner’s favourite meal, and then enjoy it in your candlelit dining room, with some wine and soft music. However, if your culinary skills are lacking, it’s probably best to reserve a table at a romantic restaurant instead, and leave the cooking to the professionals!

Another option, which is ideal if you’re on a budget, is a duvet and DVD night. According to members of Global Personals, this is a particularly good choice if both you and your partner have hectic schedules, and rarely get to enjoy time at home together. Put on a good film, turn off the lights, and curl up on the sofa together under a duvet. This is a cosy and relaxing way to spend some time with your loved one.

If you’d rather spend an evening away from home, you might want to consider booking a class for both you and your partner. It doesn’t matter what the class focuses on – whether it’s dancing, art or cooking – provided you both have an interest in it. This is a great way to fit in some quality time together, whilst simultaneously learning a new skill.

During the warmer months, a night time picnic under the stars is a lovely idea for ‘date night’. Bring along a blanket, a basket of wine, food and some candles, and do some stargazing as you chat and enjoy each other’s company. This option won’t cost too much, and is so simple, but still a very romantic way to while away a few hours together.

How to make a first date more enjoyable | Global Personals

Some people love first dates, but for others, the thought of meeting a potential partner for the first time makes them break out into a cold sweat. However, the good news is that there are several things which you can do to make the process more enjoyable, and put both you and your date at ease.

Global PersonalsKeeping some fun, light-hearted questions in mind is important if you want to break the ice, and avoid those awkward silences. You could, for example, ask them what their most embarrassing moment was, and share your own. This will allow you to bond over your cringe-worthy experiences and have a giggle together. Users of Global Personals services point out that asking this type of question is also a good way to see what kind of humour your date prefers, and how open they are as a person.

It’s vital to keep first meetings brief; dinner and drink dates, which go on until the early hours of the morning are best kept for the third or fourth time you meet up, when you feel more comfortable with one another. By making sure that your first date doesn’t go on for more than an hour or two, you’ll be able to end the evening on a good note, which will make a second meeting much more likely.

If you’re generally quite a shy person, or are simply not the greatest of conversationalists, it’s best not to choose a date venue where you have to sit facing the other person for several hours, with no distractions. To prevent the conversation from drying up, Global Personals customers recommend choosing a fun activity which will give you plenty to talk about. Taking a trip to an art gallery, or going to a concert will ensure that you never have to deal with awkward silences. Moreover, because you’ll be focused on the activity at hand, you’ll find that those butterflies in your stomach just disappear.

There are also some basic dating rules to bear in mind. Be punctual, as keeping your date waiting for you will probably annoy them, and try not to over-dress; whilst you will of course, want to look your best, donning a formal outfit will not impress your date, and will make you feel a bit uncomfortable and out of place. Last but not least, avoid overly-serious conversation topics, and never mention your ex-partner.

How to tell if your partner really cares about you | Global Personals

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether the person you’re dating really likes you. However, there are certain signs which can serve as a good indication of how they feel. If, for instance, they are very respectful of you, you can safely assume that they care. Respect can mean many things, but usually includes celebrating your achievements, valuing your opinions, and being accepting of your quirky habits.

Global PersonalsAnother sure sign that your other half is serious about you, is if they are willing to compromise. For instance, they might want to watch a particular film, but they know you wouldn’t like it, and so they agree to let you choose a different one instead. These small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness and compromise show that they care about your happiness. However, customers of Global Personals point out that this works both ways – you can’t expect them to sacrifice things, if you aren’t willing to do the same. If you never compromise, then it’s unfair to demand this of your partner.

If your partner is openly affectionate with you in front of other people; hugging you or holding your hand whilst you’re strolling around town, or spending time with friends, this indicates that they’re proud of their relationship with you, and have no issue with letting people know that you are a couple. It suggests that they are committed, and happy.

However, it is worth noting that there are some people who are simply not comfortable with PDA, and so if your other half is hesitant to hold hands or kiss in a public setting, you shouldn’t automatically assume that they don’t care about you. Global Personals members say that it might be that he or she is just a private person, who prefers not to flaunt their relationship in front of others.

Being introduced to their family is also a sign that you mean a lot to your partner; this is quite a big step in a relationship, as it indicates that you are serious about one another, and could potentially become permanent fixtures in each other’s lives. Conversely, if you’ve been dating someone for a year or more, and have yet to meet their relatives or close friends, this could mean that they’re not truly committed to the relationship, and don’t see a future with you.

Choosing a color for your date night outfit | Global Personals

Clients of Global Personals who have recently found an individual behind the profile that they want to meet in person will almost certainly spend quite a bit of time thinking about the details of their first date: the venue, safe topics of conversation and the like. Some dating experts also recommend that those clients should give some pre-date thought to the color of their outfit, as colors can evoke powerful emotions and send non-verbal messages to their love interest(s). Knowing the psychology behind the basic colors could help Global Personals daters to communicate the right message.

The first color that most people associate with romance is red. Experts recommend that this color be used with caution and restraint. Though it is known to speed up heart rate and catch attention, it can also promote passionate feelings of the negative variety, including aggression and even anger. If it’s a first date, this color should probably be avoided. If it’s a favorite, it can be used as an accent color, for example with shoes, purses, and makeup for women, or a tie or handkerchief for men. After a relationship is firmly established, color gurus encourage red to turn up the flame.

Yellow is a great color choice for expressing happiness and warmth. It is said that yellow also encourages honesty, so consider it if this quality is on your short list in a mate. One drawback of the color yellow is that one should keep in mind its tendency to be unflattering to the skin tones of some individuals.

Green is a great choice to show that a person is energetic and youthful. Green is the color that is also associated with nature, growth and health. Global PersonalsChoosing green may communicate all of these things, unless the wearer chooses an inordinately bright shade like Kelly Green or the increasingly popular neon varieties, which might suggest a desire to be the center of attention, or might even be negatively associated with jealousy or a fixation on money and finances.

Blue is said to be an intellectual, mysterious color. It is also said to have a calming effect, so it could be ultra-beneficial if both dating parties are nervous. It is often associated with water, and thus depth of understanding and knowledge. Only individuals with depressive tendencies are cautioned to avoid blue for the obvious clichéd reasons.

Neutrals such as black, white, brown, and gray are considered to be smart choices, as long as it’s not a head-to-toe, monochromatic ensemble. The wise thing, of course, for Global Personals members to do is to choose flattering neutral garments, giving them a splash of the above colors with accessories.

Figuring out core values helps online relationship searches | Global Personals

Anyone who’s tried online dating knows how important it is to sift and sort through a seemingly endless sea of profiles, examining them for qualities in a potential mate that happen to catch their attention. But do they really take the time to stop and think about what they’re looking for before they find it? Millions of profiles exist online today, containing billions of self-descriptors. Experts say that people searching for that special someone online, including clients of Global Personals, should take some time to figure out their “core values” to know what they’re really looking for in a partner, in order to become successful in their search.

Global PersonalsSo what exactly are core values? These are an individual’s perceptions and attitudes with regard to major life issues. Among these are a person’s feelings about children. This seems like a concurrence which would go without saying. Some active daters, however, report that since the subject is somewhat of a taboo to bring up in the early phases of a relationship, they tend to forget about bringing it up later down the road. If one partner discovers that he or she wants children and the other doesn’t, this could cause major upheaval, if long-term commitments have already been made.

Another core value involves financial management behaviors. While some individuals may not view discrepant attitudes about money to be a big deal at first, it may become a problem when it comes to agreeing on long-term goals in this area. If one partner is always spending and the other always saving, resentment can build for both parties. A less conservative partner may feel criticized for spending money or even eventually micro-managed by the other. Conversely, the conservative partner may feel frustration if financial progress is not being made.

Decision-making styles are another core value that Global Personals clients are encouraged to examine. While some people are meticulous and analytical in their decision making process, others may require less time or be more impulsive with their decisions. Individuals will also fall somewhere on a continuum with indecision on one end and almost hyper-active decision making on the other. Differences in styles may not matter when deciding what you’re having for lunch or what you’re wearing on any given day, but experts say that this particular core value is directly related to how we make choices in all the other core value categories. If one person is indecisive, refusing to make any decisions, or if one is overbearing in trying to make all the decisions, this could lead to arguments and hostility. Important decisions in healthy relationships will be discussed and mutually agreed upon.

Why are core values so important? Global Personals online dating site users should take the time to define their core values because they are the qualities about a person that remain the most static. In other words, they’re the attributes about people which are least likely to change. It is usually recommended that people search for partners with similar core values. While some discrepancy in beliefs is okay, studies have shown that partners in the most successful long term relationships are so because of shared belief systems.

Introduction timetables for new relationships | Global Personals

For most online daters, like clients of Global Personals, the object of creating a profile and “putting oneself out there” is to achieve a relationship which will go beyond more than a couple of dates—some are even lucky enough to find “the one.” Users who are successful in finding a companion for even a casual relationship may find themselves repeatedly wondering “when to”, regarding the introduction of their new flames to the other important people in their lives. Although there are no rules set in stone, Global Personals daters can prepare, should they find themselves in that scenario, by reviewing some popularly accepted timetables for each of their big connection categories: friends, family, and co-workers.


Global PersonalsThe first group that an individual will usually want to introduce their new love interest to tends to be their circle of friends. Most adults will tell you that they spend the majority of time with their friends, even more than with their immediate family members, for some daters. Some may want their friends’ opinions, while others simply want to include their new sweetheart in a larger group activity and “kill two birds with one stone.” And of course, some daters who hope for a long-term scenario will want to give plenty of time for the parties to get to know each other. When is this introduction appropriate? Most people say they would prefer to wait at least a few weeks.


Introductions to family are usually the ones that create the most stress and mental anguish for daters. An invitation to meet the family, and an acceptance of that invitation is usually considered to be a sign that both of the relationship hopefuls are quite serious. For most, the well-known 3 month milestone constitutes the minimum acceptable wait. It is also advisable not to introduce sweethearts for the first time at important family events such as weddings, or even large holiday gatherings, as these events tend to make family members themselves nervous and unsteady. The most comfortable introduction will take place among small numbers and in a casual setting.


Ironically, the least intimate group of the three tends to carry the strictest guidelines. Most people would not expect to have any reason to encounter a person’s significant other, unless they have been together for quite some time. This is because superfluous people aren’t often seen in the workplace and only social events like company parties or barbeques would offer those opportunities. While each employer is different, most frown upon calls or impromptu visits from anyone but a spouse, for the obvious reason that they create a distraction from work.

Global Personals users who are lucky enough to find love will do well to be patient and discerning in their introductions.